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StoveTop FireStop PLUS LC (Low Clearance)

StoveTop FireStop PLUS LC (Low Clearance)

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Automatic protection for homes with above the stove microwaves.

StoveTop FireStop Plus LC may cost the same as our Microhood model, but that s where the comparisons end. With our patented 360° delivery system, Plus LC distributes a controlled flow of fire suppressing powder over the whole cooking surface for better coverage. And the best part is, it installs in seconds, just like all of our other STFS products.

The canister and ramp are molded from UL® rated fire-retardant plastic, and the easy to install, omnidirectional ClickBar allows for installations as low as 15 inches under dozens of different above-the-stove microwave configurations.

StoveTop FireStop Plus LC is automatic and activated only by direct,
sustained contact with a flame, not the heat, steam or smoke generated by normal cooking, and limits the potential for personal injury, property damage, and other losses that can occur with any cooking fire.


StoveTop FireStop PLUS LC Decorative Cover
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